Our Mission




F.I.T. prepares students for professional excellence in design and business through rigorous and adaptable academic programs, experiential learning and innovative partnerships. A premier institution, F.I.T. fosters creativity, career focus, and a global perspective and educates its students to embrace inclusiveness, sustainability and a sense of community.


F.I.T. will be globally celebrated as the institution where students, scholars, and teachers cross traditional disciplinary boundaries to stimulate innovation, partner with creative industries worldwide, and develop innovative design and business solutions. By focusing on the three major goals, F.I.T. will become stronger by conscious design and be known as a strategic organization—one that applies available resources to greatest effect to achieve its vision.


1.    Academic and Creative Excellence
F.I.T. will provide a rigorous learning experience built on the highest standards of academic and scholarly excellence; an environment that promotes creativity and experimentation; and diverse experiential learning with a variety of industry partners.

2.    An Innovation Center
The college will work with industries worldwide to help address key challenges, build an even stronger culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at F.I.T., and establish collaborations that translate creative ideas into action.

3.    An Empowering Student Community
F.I.T. will build an inclusive community in which students engage with, learn from, and inspire each other—discovering how their differences and similarities promote creativity, intellectual and personal growth, and understanding.