Club & Organization


As a new university


Student organizations of SUNY Korea are yet to grow. SUNY Korea plans to foster international connections through interactions with students from the various campuses in Songdo.


Clubs will arrange a myriad of activities and events and give students the opportunity to development leadership and organization skills. New students are welcomed and encouraged to develop new clubs.


In order to create a new student organization, please set up a meeting with a Student Services Officer to discuss your plans. Before starting a new student organization, ask yourself the following questions:



• What is the purpose of your organization?

• How can this contribute to SUNY Korea and to the greater Songdo Global University community?

• What are your short-term and long-term goals for the organization?

• Is there enough student interest in your organization to build a sustainable membership?




Club and Organization ManualUse this document as a resources when planning events, and looking for guidance.