New Students

Congratulations on your admission to SUNY Korea!


We are excited to welcome you to SUNY Korea.  As a newly admitted student, you are required to attend an orientation before you can register for classes.  


At Orientation, you will:


•  Meet with the Chair and faculty of the program

•  Connect with fellow students of the program and the University

•  Meet with University academic and student services staff

•  Become familiar with University resources & facilities

•  Take Placement Exams: Math & English

•  Meet with your academic advisor and register for the first semester's classes

•  Become familiar with residence and campus life

•  Become familiar with student clubs and activities



Apply for Campus Housing


All students are recommended to live on campus.  All undergraduate students are required to live on campus for the first 3 years of their studies.  


Apply for campus housing from IGC Student Housing:




Mandatory Health Insurance



All students are required to have health insurance.


Korean students who do not already have a Korean National Health Insurance are required to secure a National Health Insurance or purchase a private health insurance.


Before the semester starts, the student must submit a copy of their National Health Insurance service or proof of a private health insurance service.



International Students


•  All international students are required to purchase a private health insurance.

•  If a student has his/her own private health insurance before he/she arrives in Korea, he/she must send a copy of his/her health insurance certificate to SUNY Korea Student Affairs by airmail or e-mail.

•  If a student does not have a health insurance, he/she needs to purchase a health insurance after he/she receives an Korean Alien Registration Card.


How to apply for Health Insurance in Korea as an international student:


1) Fill out the “Application Form of Qualification


2) Get ready with

(1) Alien Registration Card

(2) Passport with Visa stating date of arrival

(3) Certificate of Enrolment (issued by SUNY Korea, visit Academic and Student Affairs Office)

(4) Cash or Credit card to pay the Health Insurance fee


3) Visit Health Insurance Office at 633-2 Yeonsu-2-Dong, Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon, Korea

Take subway – Get off at Dong-Choon Station

Walk about 15-20 min. towards Yeonsu-Gu Office

Right across the Yeonsu-Gu Office, you will see the KT building

Health Insurance Office is right at the 1st floor of the KT building


4) Apply for Health Insurance Qualification and pay for the insurance.