Computer Science Graduate School Applicants



We are excited that you are considering our Graduate Program. We offer admission to the M.S. and Ph.D. programs. The Ph.D. program is intended for students that wish to pursue a research-oriented career, while the M.S. program is intended for students seeking advanced positions in the software industry. Admission to the Ph.D. program is more competitive than the M.S. program.


The program follows the same curricular structure as in the main campus at Stony Brook and the degrees awarded are identical. It also offers opportunities to spend a part of the graduate studies on the Stony Brook campus in NY.


General information about the M.S. and Ph.D programs at Stony Brook University is available under the Graduate Section.



Admission Requirements


The requirements for admission to graduate study in computer science include:


  1. Bachelor Degree: A bachelor's degree, usually in a science or engineering discipline or in mathematics, is required. The transcript should show a grade average of at least B (i.e., 3.0/4.0) in
    1. all undergraduate course work, and
    2. in the science, mathematics, and engineering courses.


  1. Minimal Background in Computer Science: Students should have and demonstrate a solid computer science background. College level course work in the main topic areas is suggested. Please refer to ACM Computer Science Curriculum for topic information.


  1. Two official transcripts


  1. Official GRE Scores 


  1. Official TOEFL or IELTS Test scores for all students whose native language is not English.


  1. Three recommendation letters.



Students of exceptional promise with non-standard background or who lack certain requirements may be considered for admission to the program on a provisional basis. The student will be informed of the requirements that must be satisfied for the termination of the provisional status.





The majority of students are admitted beginning in Fall semesters. We do admit a small number of PhD students and a reasonable number of MS students for the Spring semester. Applications must be submitted prior to the application deadline:


  • •  Fall Admission: June 30
  • •  Spring Admission: January 15


Late applications may not receive full consideration, especially for financial support. 


For information on application, admission and fellowships please see the Computer Science webpage.






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