Graduate Scholarships/Assistantships



1. GA (Graduate Assistantships): Students can take jobs for different administrative and academic units. Positions will be advertised when they are available. (Department recommendation / Internal review)

2. TA (Teaching Assistantships): Teaching assistantships (TAs) are offered to qualified Ph.D. students and sometimes to a small number of students who are fluent in English with a very high GPA and other exceptional abilities. (Teaching assistant / Internal review)

3. RA (Research Assistantships): These positions might be available from individual professors who have funds in their grants for specific projects. (Research assistant for departments/individual professors / Internal review)

4. ITCCP (IT Consilience Creative Program): Ph.D. Students only, beneficiary limited to 10 students per year. Full tuition, accommodation and certain amount of the research fee will be covered.

ITCCP Benefit Requirement
  * Full tuition benefit for 3 years

* Research fee of ₩1,000,000 per month granted

* Opportunities for overseas seminar and joint research

* Internship opportunities at global research institutions

* Research opportunity for global innovation lab

* Ph.D. students at Computer Science & Technology Policy & Innovation Only (including M.S. & Ph.D. integrated course)

* Shall be qualified for admission criteria for Ph.D. at Computer Science & Technology Policy and Innovation

* Shall be evaluated according to internal policy