Studying at the Stony Brook Campus during Sophomore



As a SUNY Korea sophomore, you must study at Stony Brook campus located in Long Island, New York for one year to fulfill general education requirement called Stony Brook Curriculum ("SBC").


The Stony Brook Curriculum includes both breadth and depth of study, and ensures that students will learn skills necessary for life-long learning. Use the course search to search for courses that complete SBC learning objectives. 


Through the general education curriculum, students will:


DEMONSTRATE VERSATILITY   by showing proficiency in each of ten fundamental learning objectives:


EXPLORE INTERCONNECTEDNESS   by completing a course that examines significant relationships between Science or Technology and the Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences (STAS).


PURSUE DEEPER UNDERSTANDING   by completing advanced studies in three of four distinct areas of knowledge. A "+" sign in the abbreviations for these learning objectives signifies that most courses in this category will be relatively advanced courses at the 200- to 400-level. These learning objectives are:


PREPARE FOR LIFE-LONG LEARNING   by taking (in most cases) courses which may also satisfy other SBC, major or other degree requirements.


Students may reduce the number of credits they need to achieve these learning objectives through courses certified in more than one area, AP courses, challenge exams, on-campus placement tests, course waivers, and faculty-designed themed course clusters. However, at a minimum, students must complete at least 30 credits of General Education awarded by an institution of higher education. Each of these requirements must be passed with a grade of C or better, a grade of S, or a grade of P where the underlying grade is C or better.


See SBC Course Planning Guide for guidance.






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We hope you are excited to begin the next chapter of your studies at Stony Brook University Campus in New York! Below are a few reminders as you prepare for your journey to New York.


Financial Documentation

International students must document their ability to meet educational and living expenses for one-year of study so that Stony Brook University can issue a Certificate of Visa Eligibility (I-20). Before going to Stony Brook, you will be asked to submit the following documents:

- Affidavit of Support Form

- Bank Letter or Statement for Each Source of Funds (submitted in English)

- Letters of Employment Verifying Income (for each sponsor, submitted in English)

- Copy of Passport

Specific requirements for each of these items can be found in accessVIS. Submit all required documents early in the admissions process to avoid delays in visa processing.

International Student Orientation

Orientation is mandatory for all students new to Stony Brook, including you and your classmates from SUNY Korea. All days of orientation are mandatory.


Arrival and Transportation to SBU Campus

When you arrive on campus, you should check in at our welcome center in the Administration Building. International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) who are current SBU students will help you move into your rooms and throughout your orientation!


Completing Health Forms


All new students are required to complete the Health Form, Immunization Form, and Meningitis Response Form. Once they are completed please submit the original copy to SUNY Korea Academic and Student Affairs.


Payment for Tuition and Fees

After July, you may see the bill for your tuition and fees on your SOLAR account. For more information about how to make payments please visit


Shopping Trips

We have organized shopping trips to local stores during your orientation so may purchase items you are not able to bring with you. You will receive more information when you arrive on campus.


Where can I get more information?

Visit the International Student Pre-Arrival website at for more information such as how to prepare for your travels and tips on what to bring. 




Class of 2016 & 2017 at the Stony Brook Campus


Daniel Kim, Executive Director of Academic and Student Affairs, visited the Class of 2016 at Stony Brook


Young Wu Nam, Youjin Kim, Ban Seok Koo, Udara Lindamulage Silva, Hansol Kim, Nursultan Kamchybekov at the Academic Mall (photo credit: Dylan Xie)


Class of 2017 at Stony Brook (Photo Credit: Dylan Xie)


Ban Seok Koo, Youjin Kim, Hansol Kim, Hyun Kyu Choi enjoying the spring (photo credit: Dylan Xie)