Why Residential College (RC)?


  • •  To give a sense of belonging to a community


  • •  To develop life-long friendships with classmates from various cultures


  • •  To provide chances of informal/formal interactions between students, faculty and staff, and at times with members of the wider community (e.g., leaders in the professions and in public life)


  • •  To create and encourage participation in extra-curricular activities such as sports, music, drama, visual arts, debate, political and advocacy activities, and community services which would benefit personal development/leadership development and better the community


  • •  To instill values and create characters such as integrity and humility



What Do I Learn?


•  Appropriate Understanding of History and Economics

     -  The generational changes experienced in Korea

     -  Understanding of Korea’s economic miracle from starting as an aid-receiving nation to an aid-giving developed nation


•  Problem-Solving Skills Development

     -  Team Building Project (In the field/by participation/by solving problems)

     -  Special Lectures and Mentorship Program by Experts from Korea and Abroad

     -  Connecting students’ particular academic focus with a development of their career path


    •  Global Leadership and Character Development

         -  Intellectual-Character-Physical Education that creates global leaders

         -  Clubs, sports, and community services

         -  Learning about multiculturalism



    Program Outline


    •  Freshman: Dream, Hope, Vision, Mission Finding Programs


    •  Sophomore: Global Sense Development Programs (Held in the U.S.)


    •  Junior: Leadership Development Programs


    •  Senior: Case Study (Economic Development Model Building for Particular Country) 





    Amy Jackson, President of AMCHAM Korea, speaking on Doing Business in Korea


    Alexei Kral, Deputy Public Affairs Counselor, US Embassy Seoul, speaking at the Residential College


    Students sharing life experiences: Salman Qavi, Tasdid Hossain, Alvin Mdachi, Hansol Kim


    Taking a picture with Sean, YG Entertainment, after his inspirational speech.