Hello, this is ChoonHo Kim, founding and current President of SUNY Korea

SUNY Korea currently offers five degrees programs from Stony Brook University (Technology Systems Management, Computer Science,

Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Business Management) and two degrees programs from world-class fashion school,

Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion Business Management and Fashion Design).

All members of SUNY Korea including professors and staffs alike are working in unison to cultivate future leaders

who will make contribution in solving problems that we see in the present world.

As core base for South Korea’s growth is due to passion for education instilled in us from our forefathers,

SUNY Korea visions to make a world of ‘Shared Prosperity’ by cultivating leaders from developing countries who dreams of a brighter future.

In this manner, SUNY Korea is cultivating highly talented students from developing countries to guide them with

mindset of Global Entrepreneurs as well as skills and traits of a faithful and serving leader by providing them with scholarships.

As an African Proverb says, “You need a whole village to raise a child”, to make one Global Leader, we need your support.

I cordially ask you to become partner of SUNY Korea to take part in cultivating leaders that will change the history of the world;

we ask for your kind and generous support.



The Blue Key Scholarship is a full scholarship for the highly talented and skilled students from developing countries.

As a part of the ‘Prosperity Scholarship’, the Blue Key Scholarship will help those future leaders of developing countries

to become a symbol of hope and key that will solve the problems in the future.

  • Participating in annual Support of 6 Million KRW for 4 years (24 Million) can contribute to a year worth of tuition for a talented student from a developing country.



The donation procedure for the Blue Key Scholarship is as below. Your participation will open the door of hope and opportunity for the global leaders,

selected from each government, to bring change the world. We look forward to your partnership.

Please do join in investment for the future of one country beyond one student. 


Thank you Letter


This was a thank you letter written by our very own student Charis Asante-Agyei, who graduated in June of 2017

Dear Future Donors, Hello. My name is Charis and I have come from Ghana in Africa.

I would like to share my story about the support from my sponsor over the past four years. Thanks to his support,

I was able to finish my undergraduate course without any difficulty at SUNY Korea and at Stony Brook University in the U.S.

Whenever I was overwhelmed in the middle of the unfamiliar culture and lifestyle, I was always reminded with the generous love of my sponsor.

Then I promised to myself that I will finish this 4years in university without any regret to appreciate my sponsor for the unending grace given to me.

I have met various people at SUNY Korea, and developed a sense of understanding and ability of relationships with people and organizations.

Furthermore, I was able to start clarifying the problems of the world and learned knowledge with skills to come up with a possible solution.

At the beginning of my undergraduate years, I only focused on my successful life. However, through the last 4 years,

my dream has now completely changed to be more beautifully transforming the world through people like my sponsor did through myself.

I hope to go back to my motherland, Ghana with the experience of rapid economic growth of South Korea to contribute to develop Ghana.

Likewise, I kindly request you, as a SUNY Korea’s precious partner,

to join in supporting students from developing countries just like me to become the leader who will change the world.





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tel +82.32.626.1107 e-mail

※Please be informed that tax deduction will be applied to the depositor whose name appears on the transaction history


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