President's Message




Welcome to SUNY Korea, where we make history through education with a keen eye to the future.


I am ChoonHo Kim, the founding and current President of SUNY Korea.


The world in which we live is changing faster than ever and is laden with considerable uncertainty and unforeseen risks. In these times, confident thinkers who are properly trained to tackle obstacles come at a premium, and SUNY Korea is driven to cultivate such future global leaders.


I define a ‘Global Leader’ as possessing the following core traits or ‘MAP’ I call:


1. Mission orientated

2. Ability to solve problems creatively

3. Upright Personality


In order to acquire and harness these qualities, SUNY Korea emphasizes rigorous character building exercises in a creative, culturally diverse environment. Our signature course, Residential College Program, is specially designed to promote voluntary service, leadership and entrepreneurship among our talented group of students. Furthermore, experiential learning encouraged at SUNY Korea will help our future pioneers navigate uncharted territories in their respective fields.


Korea’s phenomenal economic growth in just half a century owes much to its appetite for higher education. Combine this with the vast breadth and depth of the SUNY education system, SUNY Korea is primed as the only true destination for international students to be trained in disciplines ranging from science and engineering to art and design.


I firmly believe that history will judge an institution’s success based on whether it has cultivated upright global leaders who can make a positive impact on the society at large. With the programs and initiatives SUNY Korea has in place, I am confident that our graduates will bring about prosperity throughout the nations.


History Makers. We Change the World.


ChoonHo Kim, Ph.D.